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When is the best time to fly to Perth?

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437 - 705 AUD

Perth is one of those Australian destinations that can be enjoyed any time of the year. However, the best time to fly to Perth would be August. During August, you enjoy the winter and spring crossover temperatures, which average 9 – 32 degrees Celsius. To catch the annual Perth Festival, you must visit in February, and the Swan Valley midsummer feast is in February too. Since most people travel to Perth for access to one of the 63 secluded beaches, spring temperatures are the most favourable.

Which airlines fly to Perth?

Direct domestic flights are available into Perth from Qantas, Virgin Australia, JetStar, and Tigerair Australia.

How to get from the airport to Perth city centre?

Below you will find all the airports in Perth along with the distance from the city centre
10 km from city centre

Perth Airport (PER)


Bus Route 380 runs from the airport into city centre daily, while Bus Route 40 runs between the airport and Perth City from Terminals 3 and 4. The cost is $4.60 AUD.


Taxis are the most expensive, but fastest way to reach city centre. The ride is approximately 20 minutes and costs $43 AUD.

Ride Sharing

Ride sharing is available through Uber. Fares depend on the vehicle selected, with UberX vehicles being the cheapest. On top of the fare is a $3 AUD fee for airport pickups.

Car Rentals

You can save money and explore Perth by driving around yourself. Book your rental car with momondo.

Popular routes to Perth

Most frequently searched flights to Perth along with the cheapest price and shortest flight duration
Melbourne to Perth
Fastest flight time
4h 10m
Cheapest price
239 AUD
Coolangatta to Perth
Fastest flight time
5h 30m
Cheapest price
264 AUD
Sydney to Perth
Fastest flight time
5h 05m
Cheapest price
267 AUD
Denpasar to Perth
Fastest flight time
3h 40m
Cheapest price
279 AUD
Singapore to Perth
Fastest flight time
5h 00m
Cheapest price
292 AUD
Kuala Lumpur to Perth
Fastest flight time
5h 30m
Cheapest price
295 AUD
Brisbane to Perth
Fastest flight time
5h 25m
Cheapest price
321 AUD
Bangkok to Perth
Fastest flight time
11h 40m
Cheapest price
360 AUD
Jakarta to Perth
Fastest flight time
4h 40m
Cheapest price
396 AUD
George Town to Perth
Fastest flight time
8h 20m
Cheapest price
440 AUD
Kuching to Perth
Fastest flight time
8h 55m
Cheapest price
448 AUD
Cairns to Perth
Fastest flight time
5h 00m
Cheapest price
471 AUD
Hong Kong to Perth
Fastest flight time
7h 45m
Cheapest price
474 AUD
Canberra to Perth
Fastest flight time
4h 35m
Cheapest price
626 AUD
New Delhi to Perth
Fastest flight time
13h 15m
Cheapest price
638 AUD
Broome to Perth
Fastest flight time
2h 35m
Cheapest price
659 AUD
Guangzhou to Perth
Fastest flight time
10h 45m
Cheapest price
678 AUD
Seoul to Perth
Fastest flight time
14h 10m
Cheapest price
681 AUD
Auckland to Perth
Fastest flight time
7h 25m
Cheapest price
700 AUD
Dubai to Perth
Fastest flight time
10h 35m
Cheapest price
715 AUD
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How to get around in Perth?

Free CAT Bus

In the city centre, you will find the CAT bus that offers 4 routes and free transportation throughout the city. Look for the silver bus with a black cat or the black cat symbol for a designated bus stop.


Coach lines offer hop-on, hop-off services to tourists via TransWA. You must book bus services ahead of time and fees depend on the route.


Taxis operate 24 hours a day and include carriers like Swan Taxi, Black & White Taxi, Yellow Cab, LCAB, and Tricolour. Taxis charge approximately $1.72 AUD per kilometre and $49 AUD per 1-hour wait. Meters start at approximately $4.20 AUD. Prices may vary by the taxi service you select.


Perth’s MetroRail runs through the Perth CBD. Use a Standard SmartRider Card for just $10 AUD to receive a 15 percent discount on fares.

What are the visa and passport requirements when flying to Perth?

No visa is required for domestic travellers within Australia. For foreign nationals, please check the Australian Government Immigration website.

Start planning your trip to Perth

Additional info and tips about visiting Perth

Things to do and Places of Interest in Perth

First-time visitors in Perth will have plenty to see and do. You must look out for the amazing views from Kings Park and walk through the Perth Botanic Garden. Then tuck away in the diversity of Perth’s Hay Street or Wolf Lane. Perth is home to numerous small, locally-owned bars that serve Aussie wines and tapas. Stop and enjoy the crystal clear waters of Perth’s beaches, including Cottesloe Beach and Trigg Beach. Take a ferry to Rottnest Island to meet a Quokka in person and discover why it is known as the happiest animal in the world!

Tips and Tricks for Visiting Perth

Be Aware of Shopping Hours

Perth is no different from any other Australian town, but because it is a known tourist destination, there are a few items to keep in mind. First, business shop hours are regulated, and stores have limited hours on Sundays, while they are required to close entirely on Christmas Day, Good Friday, and ANZAC Day.

Embrace Wine Country

Australia offers some of the finest wines, and 25 minutes north of Perth is Swan Valley. Here you can find more than 40 vineyards and numerous cellars offering free or low-cost tastings.

Try the Fresh Produce and Goods

In addition to wine, Perth offers fresh farm items like truffles, marron, chocolate, and cheese. Make some time to visit local farm stands where you can sample and buy these delightful local treats.