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Cheapest flights to cities in Malaysia

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Popular cities and sights

Looking to visit Malaysia? Check out these cities and spend time seeing some of the most popular sights in the country
Kuala Lumpur
Petronas Towers
National Monument
Kuala Lumpur Tower
Telekom Tower
Jamek Mosque Kampung Baru
Kota Kinabalu
Taman Negara Tunku Abdul Rahman
St. Michael's Church
Masjid Negeri Sabah
Kinabalu Park
Lok Kawi Wildlife Park
Langkawi Island
Pantai Teluk Burau
Cenang Beach
Kampung Air Hangat
Pasar Malam Kuah
Beras Terbakar
Kuching City Mosque
Sarawak Stadium
Damai Beach
Sarawak Timber Museum
Masjid Jamek
Turtle Islands National Park
Gomantong Caves
Agnes Keith House
Johor Bahru
Johor Bahru City Square
Masjid Negeri Sultan Abu Bakar
Sultan Abu Bakar State Mosque
Tan Sri Hassan Yunus Stadium
Sultan Abu Bakar Royal Palace Museum
Kota Bharu
State Museum
Siti Khadijah Central Market
Chinese Beijing Mosque
Cahaya Bulan Beach
Wat Phothivihan
San Ching Tian Temple
Marina Beach
Tanjong Lobang Beach
Niah National Park
Loagan Bunut National Park
Tawau Hills National Park
Perak Stadium
Night Market
Sultan Abdul Aziz Recreation Park
Cactus Point
Coronation Park

Cheapest flight routes to Malaysia

These routes have the cheapest flights to Malaysia found by momondo users
Departing Destination Best Price
Perth Penang $297
Darwin Kuala Lumpur $302
Sydney Langkawi Island $397
Melbourne Kuala Lumpur $406
Brisbane Kuching $555
Coolangatta Kuching $568
Adelaide Langkawi Island $575
Canberra Kuala Lumpur $680
Cairns Kuala Lumpur $760
Launceston Kuala Lumpur $780

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How do I get Price Alerts for flights to Malaysia?

You can take advantage of momondo’s Price Alerts by first searching for your flights to Malaysia. Flight offers will be shown to you in real-time. From there you can create a Price Alert by using our on-site widget.

How can I save money on flights to Malaysia with momondo?

Plan your trips smart with the “Price Forecast” feature, which uses flight data to help you pick the best days to fly for the lowest fares. Our “Price Calendar” helps you get the most for your money by showing you when it’s most advantageous to fly. Curate your own travel experiences for less with “Explore”. Expert travel hacks to fuel your next adventure are a click away with “Discover” by momondo. Set up our “Price Alerts” to track fare changes and book when prices are at their lowest point.

How does momondo find its flight prices?

We aggregate our prices from over 700+ competitors from airlines to OTAs. We operate in over 30 markets worldwide to show you a wide range of travel options.

Popular routes landing in Malaysia

Compare flights to and from the nearest airports to discover the best prices and most convenient flight times
Perth to George Town Flights
Fastest flight time
16h 10m
Cheapest price
Darwin to Kuala Lumpur Flights
Fastest flight time
6h 40m
Cheapest price
Sydney to Langkawi Flights
Fastest flight time
31h 00m
Cheapest price
Melbourne to Kuala Lumpur Flights
Fastest flight time
8h 35m
Cheapest price
Brisbane to Kuching Flights
Fastest flight time
15h 25m
Cheapest price
Bilinga to Kuching Flights
Fastest flight time
27h 30m
Cheapest price
Adelaide to Langkawi Flights
Fastest flight time
21h 10m
Cheapest price
Canberra to Kuala Lumpur Flights
Fastest flight time
11h 20m
Cheapest price
Cairns to Kuala Lumpur Flights
Fastest flight time
21h 45m
Cheapest price
Launceston to Kuala Lumpur Flights
Fastest flight time
28h 30m
Cheapest price
Hobart to Kuala Lumpur Flights
Fastest flight time
46h 35m
Cheapest price
Toowoomba to Kuala Lumpur Flights
Fastest flight time
27h 10m
Cheapest price
Newcastle to Kota Kinabalu Flights
Fastest flight time
13h 45m
Cheapest price
Ballina to Kuala Lumpur Flights
Fastest flight time
17h 05m
Cheapest price
Marcoola to Kuala Lumpur Flights
Fastest flight time
21h 55m
Cheapest price
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