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Multiple Airlines
1 Dec.
SYD16:45Sydney Kingsford Smith
36h 55m
2 stops
YTZ05:40Toronto Island
15 Dec.
YTZ06:15Toronto Island
39h 30m
2 stops
SYD21:45Sydney Kingsford Smith
Multiple Airlines
5 Jan.
35h 20m
2 stops
YTZ04:40Toronto Island
19 Jan.
YTZ11:30Toronto Island
33h 50m
2 stops

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If you're looking for one-way flights from Australia to Toronto Island Airport, view some of our deals below.
Multiple Airlines
22 Sep.
43h 09m
3 stops
YTZ05:34Toronto Island
Multiple Airlines
22 Sep.
34h 54m
2 stops
YTZ05:49Toronto Island

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