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When is the best time to fly to Omsk?

Flight duration to Omsk from Australia depends on the distance, the number of stops and flight speed. For example, flights from Sydney to Omsk via Seoul and Novosibirsk take about 17 hours and 30 minutes. A quick flight from Perth to Omsk via Hong Kong and Novosibirsk takes about 16 hours and 15 minutes. Or why don’t you consider flying to Omsk from Brisbane? You will likely fly through Hong Kong and Novosibirsk and arrive at your destination in about 17 hours and 30 minutes.

There are currently no direct flights to Omsk, Russia, from Australia. However, indirect Omsk flight deals are available from various Australian cities. For example, a flight from the Gold Coast will likely stop twice, at Seoul and Novosibirsk, before touching down at your destination, Omsk Central Airport, Omsk. Flights to Omsk are also available from Adelaide, but the plane will likely stop twice, at Hong Kong and Novosibirsk, before it touches down. Melbourne flights to Omsk, Russia, will likely fly through Dubai and Moscow before landing at your destination, Omsk.

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    You can take advantage of momondo’s Price Alerts by first searching for your flights to Omsk. Flight offers will be shown to you in real-time. From there you can create a Price Alert by using our on-site widget.

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    We aggregate our prices from over 700+ competitors from airlines to OTAs. We operate in over 30 markets worldwide to show you a wide range of travel options.

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    By using tools like our “Price Calendar”, you can see the best days for return flights on your travels. Our “Price Forecast” tool uses AI to predict whether you should purchase or hold off on booking for potentially cheaper prices. Explore shows you all flight options from a city or airport to build your own unique adventure. The Discover blog also provides valuable insights for saving money while booking your experience. After searching you can toggle on “Price Alerts” to track prices for your desired flight and book at the ideal moment.

Airports near Omsk

Below you will find all the airports in Omsk along with their distance from the city centre

How do you get to the city centre from Omsk Central Airport?

Omsk Airport Bus operates shuttles from the airport to the city centre every 30 minutes. These buses are a convenient and quick transfer option. The journey by bus takes about 12 minutes. Taxis are also plentiful at the airport and are a convenient transfer option for travellers who don’t like sharing a ride with others. Visitors travelling on unmetered taxis should first agree on the fee with the driver before the journey begins. Visitors planning to explore Omsk city by themselves can opt for car hire services available at the airport for flexibility and convenience during their stay in Omsk. Ride-sharing apps have also made it easy and quick to find affordable rides near the airport.

Visa requirements for visiting Omsk

All Australians visiting Omsk, Russia, must have a current passport with at least six months validity beyond their arrival date. Australians visiting Russia for tourism must have a Russia tourist invitation letter sent to them via email. Those travelling to Russia for a longer period, for example, for work or education purposes, must obtain the appropriate visa.

Best things to do and see in Omsk

Omsk is a cultural centre of the greater Siberia region, making it home to several museums, libraries, enticing attractions and theatres. Omsk offers plenty of fun activities that can keep you engaged during your holiday. During your stay in this city, you could tour some of the notable landmarks, such as the Drama Theatre; walk along its city streets; and visit the famous Fine Arts Museum. Russians are invested in Omsk’s educational and artistic institutions, which makes it a popular tourist destination. Omsk State Circus is a popular destination for kids who love watching acrobatic performances. Omsk State Circus is also situated in a spot where visitors can see animals as they appear in Siberia. End a trip to Omsk by riding the Trans-Siberian Railway, a mint-coloured facade rail station that is extremely unique.

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