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A number of people have been contacted by phone, WhatsApp and email by individuals claiming to represent momondo, offering to book them a trip and requesting direct credit card or wire transfer payment. Some were also asked to provide their passport and identity card numbers. These direct emails, WhatsApp messages or calls do not come from momondo, but from imposters who are trying to defraud you, or act with other malicious intent. Do not provide your credit card details, nor wire money to any bank account. If you have provided your credit card number, contact the issuing bank to block your card. If you have provided your passport or identity card number, contact your police station.

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Momondo A/S Farvergade 10, 1 DK-1463 Copenhagen K Danmark

Company registration Denmark, CVR 20181397


We are not a travel agency, and we don’t sell tickets. If you have questions concerning a booking, please contact the travel agency or airline company


If you'd like to send us feedback or have any enquiries regarding the momondo site, please use this feedback form.

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