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momondo has won numerous awards as best flight comparison site and is recommended by the fine people at CNN, the New York Times and the Daily Telegraph.

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We search across airlines, travel sites and low cost carriers, find the best flight tickets, and direct you for free to the companies that sell them.

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With one click you can see which ticket is the cheapest, quickest or best deal. All you have to do is choose and you are ready to travel the world.

Free and independent

momondo is a global travel search site that makes it easy for you to compare the prices on flights and travel deals. With one click you search across the leading providers and travel sites and find the best flight prices. We show you the cheapest departure and arrival dates, the best balance between price and flight time, and reveal how factors such as days to departure and seasonality affect fare prices. When you are ready to book, we direct you to the relevant company. We don’t sell the tickets - we are a free and independent service for all travellers.
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